Packing tips

We have compiled recommendations to properly pack your products: 

♦ Avoid placing objects between the VCI2000 wrapper and the wrapped product as they may hinder or block the VCI2000 vapor from moving onto protected metal surfaces.

Always make sure to place the VCI2000 film and/or paper with its active side on the inside of the package: “This side out” must be clearly legible on the outside.

♦ Avoid wrapping products that are still hot and/or not completely dry as condensation may form inside the package.

Avoid wrapping metal parts that are dirty or with processing residues.

♦ Avoid placing wood or cardboard in the VCI2000 packaging and avoid contacting the wood or cardboard with the metal products that you need to protect. If wood or cardboard is to be used for wrapping, wrap the wood and cardboard components with VCI2000 film or paper and, in this case, with the active side facing out (''This side out'' should not be legible from the outside).

♦ When packing in VCI2000 material is done, do not expose it to rapid changes in temperature for the first two hours.

Do not store the VCI2000 packaging outdoors without additional protection from sunlight or rain.

Packaged product cleaning, processing and packing.

♦ Always wear protective gloves, as the pH and humidity of the human skin due to direct contact with metals are the main causes of oxidation.

Remove any production residues from the product as they may cause corrosion.

♦ Pack only dry products as any moisture inside the package can cause sufficient condensation that even VCI corrosion inhibitors cannot counteract it.

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