VCI2000 benefits

Advantages of VCI2000 packaging:

♦ Dry Packaging: No need to apply surface sealants or oils.

♦ To apply the product: it is not necessary to remove the external protective solvent.

♦ Quick to apply and economical in materials.

♦ Easy to use for short and long term protection.

♦ Suitable for use in mechanized processes.

♦ The anti-corrosion action is maintained even after the package has been opened and closed during customs checks or after repackaging (e.g. opening and closing the package for material removal or insertion).

Environmental and user safety benefits:

♦ Does not contain heavy metal salts.
♦ No solvents required.
♦ No special requirements for disposal.
♦ VCI2000 products meet EC 94/62 recycling requirements.
♦ VCI2000 products comply with TRGS 615 and are approved for environmental and workplace safety.

*94/62 EC - Council Directive of 7 April 1998 on the protection of the health and safety of workers from the risks related to chemical agents at work.
*TRGS 615 Technical Regulations for Dangerous Substances (Anti-corrosion Protection field).

Increase your efficiency:

♦ Protection of various metals: VCI2000 products can protect a wide range of metals.
♦ Compared to humidifiers, the VCI2000 retains its corrosion protection longer due to its electrochemically self-regenerating process rather than moisture absorption.
♦ The corrosion protection is effective even on complex metal parts / products with holes, recesses or grooves.
♦ Provides active protection from 24 months up to more than ten years.
♦ The action of VCI2000 inhibitors remains constant, even due to improper packaging or small holes in the packaging.
♦ Wide range of products for different needs.

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