VCI2000 craft paper

VCI 2000 craft paper is a specially treated paper impregnated with our high quality environmentally friendly volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCI). This provides a special dry protection method. It also provides effective and long-term protection of metal products, including hard-to-reach metal surfaces, from a variety of adverse conditions.



Available sizes in rolls:

VCI papīrs .jpg

Article Size, mm Weight of roll, kg
VCIF00143 1000 20
VCIF00143 PE 1000 20

Available sizes in sheets:

Article Size, mm Weight of packaging, kg
VCIF/1000X800 1000x800 10
VCIF/1200X1000 1200x1000 10
VCIF/500x500 500x500 10
VCF/450X250 450x250 10
VCIF/250X250 250x250 10
VCIF/250X250 250x250 10


VCI2000 Craft paper

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